Saturday, January 17, 2015

Job App 'Wonolo' is requesting job seekers and Business Requesters in the Bay Area

Wonolo (Work. Now. Locally) is a job app The Coca Cola® Company selected as part of their Innovation Accelerator program to bridge the gap between employers and employees - mobilizing job staffing and filling job needs. In other orders, flexible on-demand jobs are now available to perform and complete in the San Francisco Bay Area.

There are no long-term contracts and/or scheduling demands to hook job seekers. Job seekers complete jobs, submit completion of this job and get paid in 3 days. It's as easy as 1-2.3. Meanwhile, Wonolo Requests (employers) can save money bypassing job staffing firms. In using Wonolo, it is a win-win for both Wonoloners and Requesters.

What is Wonolo? Wonolo is an on-demand job staffing app designed to connect job seekers with employers who require immediate manpower. Wonolo job users have the freedom to pick and choose job assignments on a part-time and/or full-time basis, without the strings attached with most primary jobs and job staffing firms. Furthermore, Wonolo requesters can submit job requests for same day and future jobs. Wonolo is making job flexibility a refreshing change in a high demand job market.

Smartphone apps are mobilizing users to stay connected, expand business operations, and save money.

Wonolo features a unique job platform that mimics ride sharing apps. On-demand technology is becoming the go-to model to fill in-demand needs. No staffing agencies are associated with Wonolo, which cuts out the middleman (job staffing and job boards) to offer higher job payouts to job seekers and keep overhead costs down for employers.

Wonolo is requesting job seekers and business requesters (small to large businesses) to join their mission. In this New Media economy, all things traditional are taking a unique turn to explore flexible, less demanding employment alternatives to complete jobs. Most job staffing firms exercise total control on talent, therefore, qualified applicants seeking employment are at their mercy. The cord is being cut to free job seekers from

Job seekers who use this Wonolo app operate as independent contractors. They can accept jobs, complete them, and then get paid in 3 days. Unlike job staffing agencies, workers have control over job assignments and may elect to accept jobs whenever they want. As with ridesharing, drivers are independent contractors motivated by flexibility to also work whenever they decide to go online.

Job opportunities on Wonolo are currently available across the San Francisco Bay Area. Although most job requests are restricted within Bay Area cities, future demand will expand this trendy job app into high demand job markets and career fields. We expect Wonolo to become an extremely popular job platform in the next few years.

Take Wonolo for a test run. Job applicants on the Wonolo job app platform must undergo a background check. They are also screened in a phone interview before getting activated to perform jobs. Because employers seek employment needs with independent contractors, there must a sense of trust to invite these workers into their place of business.

This application process may ensure job applicants qualify, under Wonolo policy requirements, to perform these jobs honestly and to limit workplace conflict. Background checks are necessary to screen Wonoloers.

Want manpower on-demand? Flexible jobs? No schedules? Faster payments? Freedom to request jobs? Accept jobs? Make connections with new startups? Network? Wonolo may be just for you.

Bay Area small and large companies signup to request job assignments (Requesters needed) - use 'Jason Goodlin' as referring source.

Bay Area job seekers who need immediate job assignments on-demand (Job applicants) - input 'Jason Goodlin as referring source.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Luxe Valet hiring on-demand valet personnel

Heard the Luxe Valet radio commercials? Want to learn more about this new parking start-up? Luxe Valet is based out of San Francisco, where parking is an out-of-this-world challenge to locate and can cost a fortune (i.e. $75-$100 World Series parking).

Any person who needs parking can request a Luxe Valet parking attendant to pick their vehicle up at a designated location and return back at an approved time. The cost is no more than $15. On average, clients pay $5 per hour for this parking service.

Valet personnel undergo similar background checks and DMV screening as ridesharing drivers. Luxe Valet is giving their on-demand valet personnel 100% of everything they earn. These Luxe Valet parkers are identified as independent contractors with top notch protection.

If you live near San Francisco and enjoy driving and parking vehicles on-demand, Luxe Valet is the right gig for you. Work flexible hours. Wear a cool baby blue Adidas jump jacket. Meet cool people.

Drive in the San Francisco. Be on the move to park, drop-off and pick-up vehicles. Luxe Valet is making valet parking as easy as 1-2-3. Save time. Reduce stress.

Visit here to signup to become a Luxe Valet parking attendant. Make good money parking vehicles via an app. Hurry up and join today to enjoy an exciting holiday season filled with many parking opportunities.  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sidecar Driver Jobs: Ridesharing Jobs during Holiday Season

Sidecar is a ridesharing company based out of San Francisco. This ridesharing company operates in 8 cities across the United States: San Francisco & Bay Area, Los Angeles & Long Beach, San Diego and its surrounding cities, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Charlotte, N.C., and Washington D.C.

Currently, demand for drivers is high due to constant rider demand. November and December are expected to be busy months, as shoppers and travelers make their way into these 8 cities above.

Residents of these cities use Sidecar to commute to work and to ride back home. Bar, club, restaurant and movie goers use Sidecar to travel to and from these venues. Ridesharing drivers fill this high demand for ride services. Though taxicabs remain competitive, ridesharing services are fill the void where price and experience matter most. Friendly drivers and efficient routes sell ridesharing to transit users.

Sidecar is accepting new drivers. This is a perfect time to join Sidecar as a ridesharing driver. Holiday demand will trigger bonuses and contests. Sidecar is paying new approved drivers $100 after they complete 10 rides. These 10 rides can be completed during the first day and/or night.

Sidecar allows their drivers to go online. There are no shifts and/or approved schedules and times to get on the road. Shutdown the Sidecar app or turn it on to get online whenever you like. Choose your personal price multiplier in a driver marketplace. However, set this price right to avoid reduced demand for your ridesharing services.

Initiate payment via the app. Once trips are available, submit a payment request and receive these funds in a matter of 1-2 days in a personal bank account. It is a simple payment process.

Ridesharing is no fun and games for inpatient drivers. While ridesharing, be careful to stay alert at all times. Follow all traffic laws. Make sure all passengers are wearing their seatbelts. No speeding. No running stop signs and stoplights. Scan the area for jaywalkers. Wash for cars running red lights and stop signs. Defer to other motorists to prevent road rage. Don't drive when tired.

Signup for Sidecar using code qjbxk to trigger the $100 bonus after completing 10 rides. To make this Sidecar driver sign-up easier, you can use this link to visit Sidecar. It is imperative you use this code and/or link to receive this $100 new driver bonus.

Signup today with Sidecar and make money driving people around your city and further out.

***This job announcement is for information purposes to help job seekers locate a job that pays money. You agree to not hold us liable for choosing to become a rideshare driver or selecting any jobs on this job website. We are an informative job and careers website. Our intended purpose is to connect with reliable information, tips and content to help you. We are not a legal platform, so please consult a legal representative and/or law firm to ask for any legal advice. Consider all risks with ridesharing and make this decision cautiously. Thank you***
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