Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Petition Signing Jobs

While using Internet service at a local store I overheard a man discuss his job with another older gentleman. He mentioned that he earns $1400 per week working only 4 days a week. I was waiting for him to mention something regarding his petition signing job.

A few weeks prior to this event, I thought about whether petitioners got paid for getting signatures for a number of different causes. Petition signing jobs provide flexibility and excellent employment opportunities. Apparently, these petitions are valuable in supporting a measure such as helping teachers and schools to get funding.  

The man shared with the older man that he earns $1400 per week by having people signing petitions. And this man claimed that he has performed this petition job for many years. I found this information interesting, as most tough jobs pay far less and are much more dangerous.  

Petition signing jobs are available to those who are willing to stand outside of stores and convince people to sign a petition. Most people want some form of change, so signing these petitions show support. 

Try a petition signing job today!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Achieve what you believe in starting a business

We've heard the "achieve what you believe" quote quite often. The philosophy behind this quote is that if you believe in a dream you can achieve the success you really want. Success depends on stabilization rather than delivering quick results. What is it that you want to achieve and do you believe in this dream?

The sports world is a prime example of reaching the highest mountain. Ownership assembles the best group of personalities to compete. Putting together a team using the greatest players doesn't always translate into immediate growth (2004 Los Angeles Lakers). Would you rather win a title and then break up a sports team? (1997 & 2003 Florida Marlins) Or would you want to win a title and keep this team intact to keep fans interested in long-term success? (2010 & 2012 San Francisco Giants and New England Patriots) We want success to continue on without any barriers restricting us.

The next time you want something big, think about what others before you did to accomplish their success. You don't have to imitate this success, but definitely take a few pointers from these success stories. The Information Age set the tone for websites and apps to create immediate results. How else would a 4-year old app in WhatsApp sell for $19 billion to Facebook? What about the $1 billion purchase of Instagram and its members?

We are witnessing one of the biggest surges of billionaires in the tech space. Facebook has minted several billionaires, while WhatsApp created two billionaires. There is so much out there in the world to accomplish that we can no longer makes any excuses to not reach this pinnacle of success.

Mark Zuckerberg wasn't the first person to build on social networking. He reinforced his vision to create something unique that now over a billion people enjoy daily. Facebook has grown into the top social networking platform and is ranked second beside Google as the most trafficked website in the world. The former leader in social networking, MySpace, has taken a sharp turn into the wastelands of cyberspace.

According to Business Insider (2009), MySpace rejected Mark Zuckerberg's measly $75 million asking price to buy Facebook in 2005. That was the turning point in what we deem as the future downfall of MySpace. Fast-forward to a year later and the asking price surged 10 times. Who knows what would have happened if MySpace acquired Facebook? In our honest opinion, we definitely wouldn't see much from MySpace because their focus on retaining members took a back seat to innovation.

If Facebook sold to MySpace, we wouldn't see a Menlo Park headquarter in which many talented employees are constantly reshaping this cultural icon into the greatest business and social success story. The Social Network movie would've never reached the silver screen. Most websites on the Internet would not be using Facebook plugins to host comments. Is this the reason SnapChat rejected a $3 billion and $4 billion offer from Facebook and Google, respectively (speculation). Does Evan see a larger payout in the distant future? We concede that Facebook is one of the most successful corporations on the stock market today and is in a class of its own.

Pay attention to what others are doing; however, don't allow this competition to cloud your actions. Stay above the mountain to watch people. Listen to their suggestions, comments and complaints. What is it that these people want to see in your business? Most importantly, stay positive the entire time as both good and positive thinking can stimulate success.

Good luck on whatever dream you choose to chase!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cost of Education restriction to advance

One night I talked to a supermarket employee. This worker mentioned that he rejected attending college to earn a Business degree because the cost of this education would set him back $25,000.

I asked this individual what he planned to do this college degree after earning it. He indicated that he wanted to eventually become a store manager. The supermarket required store managers to hold at least a 4-year college degree to run the store.

I helped this individual make his decision based on the cost of this education over the life of the loan and how much more salary he could earn as opposed to his income right now.

$25,000 in student loans after federal grants is affordable. Making an additional $60,000+ per year over 10 years would net this employee between $600,000 to greater than $1 million. To spend $25,000 with student loans over this span would cost $2,500-$3,500 per year.

The individual agreed to pursue his education and take the risk to become a store manager. He renewed his hope that spending $25,000 after federal grants could improve his future outlook.

It takes discussing your educational goals with another experienced individual to make an informed decision.