Saturday, February 21, 2015

Don't Waste Your Talents - change your path today!

What does talent mean? According to the Cambridge Dictionaries, talent is defined as a, "special natural ability to doing something well, or people who have this ability" (2015).

We view talent as a gifted skill that enables a person to perform and/or handle the most challenging job at the highest level possible. This person is recognized as exceptionally talented, gifted, and even extraordinary. 

Talented writers, filmmakers, actors, marketers, musicians, athletes, scholars, and entrepreneurs surround us in all facets of life. A combination of a having a natural gift, working hard, showing resilience, and displaying passion lead talented people into dream jobs.  

Recently, I opened a fortune cookie and removed a fortune, "Avoid Unchallenging Occupations - they waste your talents." What does this mean? 

We interpret this fortune as not wasting our time performing occupations that won't lead us to our dreams. There is a difference between following a path to succeed and going down a road to survive. You'll soon realize through personal life experiences that walking down a road to survive will stall out your dreams. It is true. Taking the wrong jobs weigh down resumes. These unchallenging jobs symbolize anchors that sink dreams and prevent success. 

Employers use our unchallenging occupations against us. We're passed over for another better qualified candidate (on paper, of course). We reflect back on our past and regret taking these jobs. Don't do this to yourself. Act now to save your future. If you don't respect yourself, nobody will care whether you take that next step. Speak up. Don't just dream, live the dream. 

Are you that person who has always known what you've wanted out of your life? Are there many barriers blocking your growth? What past jobs prevented you from achieving the greatness you so desire? Unchallenging occupations are those jobs unrelated to your dream. They're a cancer to our future. It is good to work these jobs to supplement income, but to keep making ends meet is not enough to make us happy. 

We're all tired of struggling. Our American dream is dying. Our hope is all but gone. We don't have to think this way. There is hope. Unchallenging occupations won't get us there. 

As a dream seeker, you probably experienced challenges demonstrating your talents to employers. You may struggle to get an interview. Rejections probably darken your job search. Nevertheless, employers focus too much energy on fabricated resumes (paying resume writers to make job seekers appear well-qualified), rather than give talented people, such as yourself, a shot to compete for this job position. In result of this, an ideal candidate is hired, and then quits their new job a few weeks later. Unfortunately, a talented job seeker (you) loses out on this opportunity - yet again. 

We have all been there, done that. It is frustrating to earn multiple college degrees, hold vast experience performing a wide range of job duties, serve in the military to build discipline and a strong moral foundation, be well-versed in many trades, and show strong character traits, but employers will overlook these skills and traits in favor of another candidate who they believe better fits a particular role. The common "Thank you, we decided to move forward" rejection email arrives a week later. Within a few short weeks, a newly hired employee quits out of boredness and the search to refill this position continues on. 

We fall into this trap of working any job to survive in the moment. We do what is right to live. We are responsible human beings that bear the weight of a hard, rigorous life full of challenges and obstacles. Adopting this survival system into our daily lives is not the best philosophy to sustain our dreams. Employers will pass us over, especially if we lack connections, referrals, and relevant experience. Is it our fate to keep following this lost path? 

In time, survival jobs fail to make ends meet; if that is already the case for you, right now. This is the story of our lives, the decisions we made that pointed us all into dead end roads. For us, the main problem is that we've taken many different jobs to survive, to keep moving forward. We believe these jobs will buy us more time to accomplish our long-awaited dream. It doesn't work that way, because accepting unchallenging occupations won't get us anywhere. We can't support our families. We can't feel good spiritually, financially, and morally. 

These unchallenging occupations involve heavy pressure to perform a high volume of work quickly. We watch restaurant servers run around like chickens with their heads cut off. There is no way for these servers to provide customer service, since most restaurants set them up to fail. Furthermore, understaffed stores create unwanted stress for checkers trying their best to serve complaining customers who demand immediate service. It is not fair to see talented people stuck; this is a moral crime caused by financially struggling to survive. 

College graduates are moving back home at record levels. These former college students can't afford to live on their own. Employers are passing up on inexperienced students. If employers do consider college graduates, they request them to work at low pay. Burger flippers at In & Out will probably earn more than a college graduate. In another note, student loans are drowning college graduates, ruining their credit score beyond repair. The high of cost of college will eventually catch up to us, burning all bridges connecting us to our future. Sad, but true. 

By the time we find that dream job, our credit will be trashed. All because we performed unchallenging jobs to earn college degrees and got stuck working these jobs post-graduation. We don't make ends meet, so each month we fall further behind and perfect accounts in good standing start to go unpaid. We sink into quicksand, making it virtually impossible to latch onto a branch or a rope to pull ourselves out of this hole. Our past value diminishes into dirt. It is tough to rebuild our reputation as hard workers without employers giving us a shot to demonstrate our worth. 

Unchallenging occupations are good jobs to take when we are teeangers, attending college and when we are trying to start our journey in new jobs/career post-college. Nevertheless, we must reassess our lives to determine what is blocking our journey and make immediate adjustments. Don't waste your talents on unchallenging occupations. Don't be that talented person who could've, should've been great. It is your duty, your purpose to share your gift with the world. It is never too late. The time is right at this moment, right at this minute, right at this second. Make the decision to live that dream. 

Check out this article on 9 jobs that suck. If you performed any of these crap jobs, then you will understand that companies put you in a tough spot and you must bear the weight, save face and become that apologizing person. Want to sink your morals? Ruin your dreams? Stay at one of these jobs and keep struggling. Live an unfulfilled life. You'll worry about every financial obligation. 

It really sucks, and you know it. You can be that happy person who is never negative. However, there has to be at least one-second in your day that you want more than just dealing with customer complaints and insults directed toward you. A large number of customers lack common sense, failing to understand that front-line employees can't change company policies and standards. They can all shove it. You deserve a pie in the face right at your seat. Let people laugh at you, embarrass you.

Talented people deserve better than this. They have gifts that are wasted on meaningless things. Their low paying jobs consist of performing routine duties. 

What are some unchallenging occupations that talented people get stuck in? 
  • Data entry
  • Secretary 
  • Assistants
  • Office jobs
  • Bank tellers
  • Taxi drivers
  • Store clerks
  • Cashiers
  • Stocking jobs
  • Fast food workers
  • Warehouse jobs
  • Car salesman 
  • Restaurant servers
  • Security jobs
  • Strippers
  • Bus driver
  • and many more
Care to add another unchallenging occupation to this list? List your unchallenging occupation in the comment section below. We will add this to the list. 

Please, making a decision to rise above your hardship and accomplish your dreams. Don't move past your dream, without at least putting forth a valiant effort. Speaking of missed opportunities is not the way to live. You deserve a challenging jobs with moral rewards, not an unchallenging job that bores you to death. 

Let the next person who must pay their dues to society accept these unchallenging jobs. If you are talented, have experience, college degrees, are confident, driven to succeed and hold passion, stand up for your life today. Lets dream together. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Job App 'Wonolo' is requesting job seekers and Business Requesters in the Bay Area

Wonolo (Work. Now. Locally) is a job app The Coca Cola® Company selected as part of their Innovation Accelerator program to bridge the gap between employers and employees - mobilizing job staffing and filling job needs. In other orders, flexible on-demand jobs are now available to perform and complete in the San Francisco Bay Area.

There are no long-term contracts and/or scheduling demands to hook job seekers. Job seekers complete jobs, submit completion of this job and get paid in 3 days. It's as easy as 1-2.3. Meanwhile, Wonolo Requests (employers) can save money bypassing job staffing firms. In using Wonolo, it is a win-win for both Wonoloners and Requesters.

What is Wonolo? Wonolo is an on-demand job staffing app designed to connect job seekers with employers who require immediate manpower. Wonolo job users have the freedom to pick and choose job assignments on a part-time and/or full-time basis, without the strings attached with most primary jobs and job staffing firms. Furthermore, Wonolo requesters can submit job requests for same day and future jobs. Wonolo is making job flexibility a refreshing change in a high demand job market.

Smartphone apps are mobilizing users to stay connected, expand business operations, and save money.

Wonolo features a unique job platform that mimics ride sharing apps. On-demand technology is becoming the go-to model to fill in-demand needs. No staffing agencies are associated with Wonolo, which cuts out the middleman (job staffing and job boards) to offer higher job payouts to job seekers and keep overhead costs down for employers.

Wonolo is requesting job seekers and business requesters (small to large businesses) to join their mission. In this New Media economy, all things traditional are taking a unique turn to explore flexible, less demanding employment alternatives to complete jobs. Most job staffing firms exercise total control on talent, therefore, qualified applicants seeking employment are at their mercy. The cord is being cut to free job seekers from

Job seekers who use this Wonolo app operate as independent contractors. They can accept jobs, complete them, and then get paid in 3 days. Unlike job staffing agencies, workers have control over job assignments and may elect to accept jobs whenever they want. As with ridesharing, drivers are independent contractors motivated by flexibility to also work whenever they decide to go online.

Job opportunities on Wonolo are currently available across the San Francisco Bay Area. Although most job requests are restricted within Bay Area cities, future demand will expand this trendy job app into high demand job markets and career fields. We expect Wonolo to become an extremely popular job platform in the next few years.

Take Wonolo for a test run. Job applicants on the Wonolo job app platform must undergo a background check. They are also screened in a phone interview before getting activated to perform jobs. Because employers seek employment needs with independent contractors, there must a sense of trust to invite these workers into their place of business.

This application process may ensure job applicants qualify, under Wonolo policy requirements, to perform these jobs honestly and to limit workplace conflict. Background checks are necessary to screen Wonoloers.

Want manpower on-demand? Flexible jobs? No schedules? Faster payments? Freedom to request jobs? Accept jobs? Make connections with new startups? Network? Wonolo may be just for you.

Bay Area small and large companies signup to request Wonoloers to accept temporary job assignments (Requesters needed) - use 'Jason Goodlin' as referring source.

Bay Area job seekers who need immediate job assignments on-demand (Job applicants) - input 'Jason Goodlin as referring source.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Luxe Valet hiring on-demand valet personnel

Heard the Luxe Valet radio commercials? Want to learn more about this new parking start-up? Luxe Valet is based out of San Francisco, where parking is an out-of-this-world challenge to locate and can cost a fortune (i.e. $75-$100 World Series parking).

Any person who needs parking can request a Luxe Valet parking attendant to pick their vehicle up at a designated location and return back at an approved time. The cost is no more than $15. On average, clients pay $5 per hour for this parking service.

Valet personnel undergo similar background checks and DMV screening as ridesharing drivers. Luxe Valet is giving their on-demand valet personnel 100% of everything they earn. These Luxe Valet parkers are identified as independent contractors with top notch protection.

If you live near San Francisco and enjoy driving and parking vehicles on-demand, Luxe Valet is the right gig for you. Work flexible hours. Wear a cool baby blue Adidas jump jacket. Meet cool people.

Drive in the San Francisco. Be on the move to park, drop-off and pick-up vehicles. Luxe Valet is making valet parking as easy as 1-2-3. Save time. Reduce stress.

Visit here to signup to become a Luxe Valet parking attendant. Make good money parking vehicles via an app. Hurry up and join today to enjoy an exciting holiday season filled with many parking opportunities.  

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